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Learn one of the most important life skills with Swim Development Australia

Swim Development Australia provide safe and practical swimming lessons at our indoor heated ozone pool in Greenwich and mobile classes at home or ocean pools in the Eastern Suburbs, South Sydney, North Sydney and Inner West.

Swim Development Australia offers a variety of classes with accredited Austswim Instructors for adults and children. We are a registered NDIS Swim school and all our instructors are fully trained and equipped in CPR and appropriate qualifications for the classes they teach. 

Exclusive pool use available - learn with no one watching 

Super heated

indoor pool

Classed for all ages and swim levels

AUSTSWIM Qualified, experienced teachers

Private Swimming Lessons Benefits

When your child is just learning how to swim, perhaps the obvious choice is to take them to group swim lessons. Though there are many positive benefits of a group environment, one size does not fit all. If your child needs additional attention or learns at a different pace than their peers, private lessons may be an excellent option to consider.

Ready to splash in? Here are our benefits of private swim lessons:

Individualized Approach & 1:1 attention

Our swimming lessons prioritize personalized attention, ensuring each swimmer receives tailored guidance and support to suit their unique needs and abilities.

Tailored Lesson Plans

Each swimmer benefits from lesson plans meticulously crafted to address their specific strengths, weaknesses, and goals, fostering a customized learning experience for optimal progress.

Adaptable Teaching Techniques

Our instructors employ versatile teaching methods, adept at adapting to various learning styles and challenges, ensuring every swimmer grasps concepts effectively and comfortably.

Flexible Schedule

We understand the demands of busy lifestyles, offering flexible scheduling options to accommodate individual timetables, making it convenient to prioritize swimming lessons without sacrificing other commitments.

Comprehensive Skill Assessment

Prior to and throughout the program, we conduct thorough skill assessments, allowing us to pinpoint areas for improvement and tailor instruction accordingly, ensuring holistic development.

Rapid Progression

With our focused attention and customized approach, swimmers experience rapid advancement, building confidence and competence in the water at an accelerated pace.

Accelerated Water Safety


Beyond mastering swimming techniques, our curriculum emphasizes water safety skills, equipping swimmers with the knowledge and abilities necessary to navigate aquatic environments confidently and securely.


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What people are saying

Highly recommend!!!

Kyle is amazing with kids and has a great balance of fun and business!

He always manages to get the kids into the pool and learning while having fun. He aims for excellence and perfects their performance in the water. My kids learnt SO much more in MUCH less time than they ever did in other swim schools!   

                     - Dina Koncepolski 

All the instructors and amazing, 1:1 coaching to meet the needs of the individual. Our kids are thriving here.  

                     - M Family

I started my 5 and 8 year old with Kyle from SDA a few months ago and can’t believe the progress happening in front of my eyes. Their progress is through the roof, and they have already come so far! Kyle is the perfect balance of firm and fun, and has a great way with kids. Would recommend Kyle!

                - Dana Ingster

Swim Development Australia teachers and especially Roxanne have been fantastic in teaching my son. We were told by other swim schools that we needed private lessons so we joined SDA! They have been very supportive, patient and understanding and my son has progressed amazingly throughout the year! I am grateful. The water has no chlorine either!

                - Katalin Hulban

DD loved being in the water and wanted to be in it whether she could swim or not! After many, many lessons with little progress I looked for an alternative swim school and found SDA. From the first lesson they made instant improvements in DD's swimming ability and spotted bad habits she'd picked up from previous swim schools. Learning to swim isn't easy. SDA instructors are consistent, technically knowledgeable coaches, firm but fun. DD's continual progress since being with SDA has been phenomenal. Now when DD says she can swim, we both agree!

                -Amy Matthews

Summer Dip

Why SDA?

Your Trusted Private Swimming Lessons in Sydney


Our swimming school has a track record of success in teaching swimming skills.


We have certified instructors who are skilled and experienced in teaching swimming techniques.


Our teaching methods are tailored to individual learning styles and abilities, ensuring effective learning for each student.


We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate busy lifestyles and ensure convenient access to swimming lessons.


Our swimming school offers competitive pricing for high-quality instruction, making swimming lessons accessible to all.

Atlantic Shore

Our Most Popular Private Swimming Lesson in Sydney


Discover our tailored preschool private swimming lessons in Sydney, designed to introduce young swimmers ages 1.5 to 5 years old to the water with joy and safety. Our experienced instructors specialise in engaging little ones with personalized 1-1 swimming lessons that build confidence, water safety skills, and a foundational love for swimming. 

Private swimming lessons for school-age children is one of our areas of expertise. SDAs' long experience teaching children how to swim, from the first to final steps of their school years, is a big advantage for swimmers. Watch your child live their life to the fullest as they learn how to swim in our facilities. Our swim programs and classes are always available, even on a school holiday.

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Unlock your potential with our adult private swimming lessons with exclusive facility hire for learners of all ages and levels. Whether you are a beginner adult aiming to conquer your fear of water or an experienced swimmer refining your technique, our expert instructors provide personalised coaching in a respectful and encouraging way. Embrace the beauty of the water with one-on-one swimming lessons designed to fit your pace, enhance your skills, and boost your confidence. 


Empowering children and adults with a disability through our specialised lessons, we offer a compassionate learning environment tailored for swimmers with diverse abilities, including those with autism, cerebral palsy, and Down syndrome. Our experienced instructors adapt their lessons to each student’s unique needs, focusing on water safety and confidence building. Our one-on-one swimming lessons are designed with utmost care, making swimming accessible and enjoyable for everyone.


Perfect your technique with our stroke correction lessons in Sydney, designed for both kids and adults. Our expert instructors offer personalised guidance to refine strokes, improve efficiency, and enhance water safety. Whether you are fine-tuning skills for competitive swimming, open water competition or seeking to swim more confidently, our tailored 1-1 swimming lessons provide focused support for all ages and skill levels.


Our Greenwich Indoor Ozone Heated Pool

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Ocean Pools


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Swimming Pool

What’s happening in Swim Development Australia

When a child learns to swim, it opens the door to a enjoyable form of recreation and fitness. From fun activities to laughter with their peers, children will use these skills for life.

Ready to experience unparalleled excellence in aquatic education?

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