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Swimming Lessons and classes offered by Swim Development Australia

Fun at the Pool

Adult Learn To Swim
Learning to swim is both a survival skill, and a good way to get exercise. It's never to late to get in the water, we teach adults from their first time in the deep water as beginners right through to advanced ocean swimmers. Book a private lesson in our Greenwich heater pool for with exclusive hire and learn one on one in a completely private environment

Swimming Pool

Stroke Development (advanced swimmers)
With a few minor adjustments to body position and stroke, everybody can become more efficient. Get the most out of your time in the water. We offer video sessions to provide an analysis of your swim style above and below the water and give constructive feedback to help identify and fix any issues with your stroke.


Kids Learn To Swim (3yo+ )
Introduction to swimming from the basics to more advanced classes available. Learning to be water safe and starting of with the very basic ability to float and stay above the water right through to stroke correction and timing for elite kids. We have classes for students of all levels from newcomers right through to stroke technique. 

Swim Lessons

ASD Private classes
Specialised swim program developed for people on the Autism spectrum delivered by ASD specialist swim coaches. We are an Autism Swim Australia accredited swim school . NDIS approved instructors are available. 


Learning to Swim

Mums and Bubs
Introduction to water activities aimed at familiarisation and developing happy attitude towards aquatic environments. This is an introduction to water class and involves parents attending the class (currently available for mobile pool bookings only)


Classes: Classes
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