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Why Choose Swim Development Australia?

Here at Swim Development Australia, we provide different programs for your kids. Having your child in an accredited swim school means more than just having fun and bonding with your child over their accomplishments. It can turn a life-or-death situation into a life-saved event because children learn how to handle dangerous situations both in and out of the water.

High Rate of Consistency between Teachers and Students

We have a very loyal and dedicated team. Thus, you will experience a much higher rate of consistency between teachers and students that what you have experienced in any other swim school.

Here are 4 GREAT reasons to choose SDA!

  • Our swim school, unlike big swim centers, are calm and quiet, providing the ideal learning environment for babies and children.

  • Our innovative swim program teaches children to swim independently sooner.

  • We welcome the whole family into our world – the exhausted new mums, the nervous dads, the first-time grandparents. 

  • We all know that consistency is essential when it comes to learning new skills. That is why our programs are available 50 weeks out of the year, including school holidays!

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